Anno city-builder games are mainly history-focused in nature. All the Anno games including Anno 1404, 1503, 1602, and 1701 are all being revamped with the new History edition being re-released. All the games have been optimized and updated for modern systems. The new games are packaged with respective DLC of each game. The total package will be available in the Anno History Collection.

There are no massive changes and improvements in the games. There are minimal improvements and tweaks. Some of the prominent changes include multiplayer matchmaking, 4K graphics options, multiscreen support, and borderless window mode. Basically, all the games have been updated and uplifted to 64-bit so that there is an improvement in stability and performance.

This is not very interesting news for the game enthusiasts. However, many problems have been eliminated from the games. For instance, Anno 1404 had a memory bug, which was rather irritating. Also, in 1503, there was no official support for multiplayer playing. These issues are not there in the new versions of the games.

Though the old games had issues, the original version is still available for playing as many people love that format only. There are many new fans of Anno games, who have enjoyed playing 1800 for checking the past of the series. The highpoint of the series is none other than Anno 1404 and it is worth playing and enjoying.