There is no shortage of horror-based games but most of these titles bank on jump scare tactics. It is very rare to come across games that instill a sense of fear in a subtle yet steady way in the players through ambiance and plot. Till date, Amnesia: The Dark Descent remains a classic example of psychological horror in realms of gaming. Now, the developer Frictional Games wants to recreate the same impact with its upcoming title named Amnesia: Rebirth.

Thomas Grip, the Frictional creative director, recently said in an interview that the focus of the team is on a central theme. They want to make the story compelling enough to create a palpable ambiance where the players can feel the fear as they progress. The sense of unease and horror will keep growing with time. This is more intensive than scare based on a monster that is coming, a technique that has been used in so many games to date.

Amnesia: Rebirth has been made by taking lessons from two games. One is its predecessor aka Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the other is SOMA, another horror title also made by Frictional. Amnesia: Rebirth will be released later in 2020 on PS4 and PC.