Very few sea voyages and pirate-themed games become as popular as Sea of Thieves. The action-adventure game unveiled in 2018 was initially made available for the Xbox users. In it, you have to don the hat of a daredevil pirate who begins a quest for becoming a legendary pirate. The game’s newest updated, named Lost Treasures has been made available. It was released a few days back and the update brings a number of enhancements. This has made the fans quite excited. The Windows PC version is releasing on Steam shortly.

The Lost Treasures update introduces a number of new features and enhancements to the game. Of them, the enhancement to Tall Tale adventures is mention-worthy. It will now gain from checkpoints. This will ensure you won’t have to complete the adventures at one go if you have less time.

It also brought in Daily Bounties. The lack of midpoint saving in the Tall Tales was something the fans did not like. Now, the update has fixed the issue for good. Thanks to the newly introduced checkpoint feature, you can now bail out midway and revert to it at a later point in time. The players can now earn money more easily in certain time periods.