In a latest development, popular “steampunk shooter survival” game Volcanoids got a co op mode. It was single player based so far. In this game, the players have to explore a rocky island and set up huge drillships to tunnel and cope with explosions triggered by hostile robots. From now onwards, the players can team up with 3 friends and enjoy the game play. The developer said the new co op mode is not the only thing introduced by this update. Apart from this, the players get a lot of things like new worktables, items, big fixes and other improvements.

In the co-op play mode, one player acts as the crew captain and host and the others connect using “join game” screen. The nice thing is its In-game quests are well synchronized. As a result, every player can participate in group activities like fighting the COGs, gathering resources and running the drillship. However, the crew captain has major controls and the crew can use a single drillship. Beyond doubt, the update has made gameplay more exciting. To celebrate the big update, the game is now being sold at 25 percent off for a few days. The update also introduces subtle changes in the game UI.