Red Hook Studios announced a PvP add-on named ‘The Butcher’s Circus’ for Darkest Dungeon and they were quick to clarify it was not an April Fool’s prank. The add-on actually comes for free. The DLC will bring a new location to the Butcher’s Circus, where the four heroes and their teams square off in combat. Contrary to the campaign characters, PvP heroes get fixed stats. Moreover, you can’t upgrade their equipment. However, they can cause physical damage along with psychological afflictions.

The new gladiatorial trinkets offer the combatants some edge over the enemies. The overall game dynamics is different compared to that of the single-player game. One notable thing is The Butcher’s Circus does not support any kind of microtransactions. The rewards are obtainable through player progression solely. Besides, the molded characters are not supported in this PvP add-on to thwart instances of cheating. There is an anti-cheat system in place too. If the players opt out of it, they won’t get the chance to play the DLC.

As of now, The Butcher’s Circus is available on the Steam network. Red Hook however said recently that they are adding support for Mac and Linux. Darkest Dungeon is also being offered at a huge 75 percent off for a limited period starting May 28th.