Fortnite season 2 keeps amusing the fans with new challenges- one after another! Epic wants to try every possible means in its arsenal to retain the players. The Deadpool challenge got good response from the players and now the Ted Offensive is out. In it you will need to find the honey jar locations. The nice thing is that it is not hard to fulfill this challenge.

How to get started

To commence the Ted Offensive challenge, Weeping woods is where you need to reach. Across the river, you have to find the cabin at west of weeping woods. In the cabin, there is a living room and that is where you need to go. Now, find the bookcase to interact with it in that room. The same bookcase was also there in the Deadpool challenge, as the players will recall.

You will have to interact with it next. Open the bookcase and then a small hole leads you to a secret room. Once you get inside the secret area, just go down and smash the elevator door. Then you witness something that resembles a teddy bear dance party. A bunch of bears are around the table and they look like conspiring. If you reach the table, the Ted Offensive Plans Found will get activated.

The locations of honey jars

Once the campaign gets activated, you will have to locate the honey jars. Five honey jars will be there in the map. In fact, you will need to interact with these honey jars. All the honey jars will be located near a tree.

  1. The first Honey jar is located at the northwest of Pleasant Park. From a yellow house, it is roughly 100 yards.
  2. At the northern side of Frenzy Farm you get the 2nd honey jar. To locate that, you will have to spot one red tractor. There will be a tree close to the tractor and that is where you can find the 2nd
  3. The 3rd Honey jar can be found at the north of the river, under the big trees.
  4. The 4th jar is located at the small tree near a ridge, by side of the river.
  5. At the northwest side of Holly Hedges, you can get the 5th Just find the small lake and a large tree.

After you locate all 5 honey jars, you will be awarded with 40000 XP. The teddy bears will be happy!