Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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File size: 7.3M
Last version: 1.09
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Features Of GTA-Vice City:  

The game is played on the third-person perspective. In the world of the game, you can use both the vehicles and the foot.


It has an open world design which helps you to roam around the gaming zone freely. The player has control for the criminal and has the mission to complete. The three-dimension environment of the game allows the player to have a first-dimension perception when the player is using a snipper or a rocket launcher. This game gives all types of weapons and guns to survive and complete the mission.  


It has a lot of options for vehicles. Oh, you get to use the 80’s bikes and motorcycles. The helicopter using is one of the best vehicles you get to use. It has the best streaming technology to have better detail and all. The wide range of guns and weapons makes the game interesting. And the urge to survive to complete is the best type of motivation for the game for sure. Even when you are not in a mission, you are free to roam around the gaming world. 


Platforms The Game Supports:  


This game is a huge level of action and adventure game which makes the player play on the mobile too. The game is perfectly available for both the IOS and the ANDROID. Also, the game is supported by the windows. 


Installation And Uninstallation Process:  


You cannot install the game from the Google play store like any other app. To install this game, you have to download the GTA-vice city apk file. Now to install the game in your android device, you have to install the GTA app and data then you have to download a data file. It is a .zip format, and after extracting the zip file, you will have a .obb format. Then go to the file manager of your device and create an obb folder in your android folder. Now move the data file of GTA there, and if you have done that successfully you can see in the GTA info, the data and the app are synced. Now you can open the game. To uninstall the game all you have to do is go to the app then uninstall it.  


Some Basic Tutorials:  


In the game, you should have all the extra adventures as well as the adventure you have been given. You will be going on rampages. Complete the mission as well as complete the extra mission. This will help you with gaining the points. Also, complete the rampages and stick up the stores you need. And collect all the 100 hidden packages. This all will help you to upgrade your points.  

The best adventure game in this generation with best detailing and excitement is the game GTA-vice city. 


Category Arcade
Latest Version 1.09
File Size 7.3M
Publish Date 2019, 11, 08