The seasoned action-adventure game lovers need no introduction to GTA Vice City. After Rockstar North unveiled the first version in 2002, it became hugely successful. Even after all these years, it remains as popular and now you can play Vice City almost on all gaming platforms.


The factors that contributed to its humongous popularity and success are the 1980s visuals, amazing soundtracks, customization options, and an engaging plot. While Vice city is quite enticing, the gameplay becomes even more enjoyable when you learn some of its secrets and codes.

The Benefits Of Knowing Vice City Hints, Easter Eggs And Secrets

Granted, you can enjoy the gameplay in Vice City even without knowing the Easter eggs and secrets. However, at times, you may get stuck in a specific mission and repeated failures may make you irked. In such times, using the codes or knowing secrets can be of use!

Car Related Secrets

Beyond doubt, one of the major attractions in GTA Vice City is its huge range of vehicles. From new bikes to sleek sedans and helicopters, the options for transport are amazingly good. However, you need to do certain activities to obtain or steal specific vehicles.

  • The admiral car is explosion-proof, bulletproof, and dent-proof. You can, however, steal it from Diaz in the mission named Guardian Angels. You have to shoot all the Haitians barring one. Diaz will then leave the vehicle doors unlocked.

  • The Love Fist Limo can be obtained in the Love Fist All you need to do is wrapping the mission and then you can save the car. You can steal the Spand Express truck in the game’s Jury Fury mission. It has to be smashed into a car for that.
  • The Sabre Turbo is explosion, fire and bulletproof. It is seen in the game’s Malibu The Driver You can obtain it in a number of ways. However, the easiest option is finishing the car race in such a way that you are next to Sabre Turbo. Then the driver will vanish.
  • To obtain the fireproof models like Cheetah, Infernus, and Banshee, you need to finish the race next to the model. Then you will have to shoot at the driver. Then these cars will become yours.

The Easter Eggs

There are several Easter eggs hidden in GTA Vice City and not all of them are actually useful. However, they can add some variety to the gameplay for sure.

  • In Downtown Vice City there is the prominent Vice City News building. In it, there is a window and you can jump in using it. Then you can find the special easter egg room.
  • If you shoot the moon at night using a sniper rifle, the size will alter.
  • You can find road signs banning car parking.