After, the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition for PC was unveiled, The Halo 2: Anniversary update was also made available for the Xbox users. The Windows 10 users also got their share. However, both the games came with some bugs as was earlier indicated by the developers. The good thing is 343 Industries has said the fixes for such bugs will be on way soon. While the developers hinted about the bugs, the players who downloaded the updates were shocked to see even more bugs. The developers asked for some time, given the impact of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

The Halo 2 multiplayer came with some big issues. The audio is almost unaffected. The visuals are also fine-mostly. However, minor glitches do exist. There is no on-screen detection of other players talking. The texture pop-in may seem irregular sometimes. However, bigger problems coming with the update include Team Spawn system, super bouncing gameplay, and hit registration system. The seasoned halo2 players will feel the issues more. The weapons like grenades and Rocket Launcher projectiles are also not working as expected.

Brian Jarrard, the Community director asked fans to have patience. He reminded the players that the developer team is now working from home and that may lead to delay in fixing the errors.