There are some games that spend a long time in the development phase and keep the fans in sheer suspense. One such example is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima. Created by Sucker Punch Productions, it has been in development stage for pretty long and the announced release date is July 17th 2020. Since the beginning of 2020, teasers and videos from the developers have been doing the rounds online. These revelations only increased the hype surrounding the game. It is well known the game is a tribute to the classic samurai combat heritage but more details are coming out.

The PS4 exclusive game has a protagonist called Jin Sakai who vows to oust the menacing Mongol invaders in Japan during the 1270s. Earlier, the developers released videos showcasing combat style and stressed on the intentionally kept hard combat technique. Now, they have come up with some important information and that is kind of reassuring for the players. In this game, horseback riding is important and so is mastering the art of sword fighting- like true samurai warriors. The latest game update reveals, the horse used by Jin in the game won’t die.

Jason Connell, the creative director of Sucker Punch Productions gave out this information. The horse may run away if it is scared but in combat the enemies will not be able to slay it. Connell also said Jin will get aid from the other wild animals and birds in the game. The players can interact with these animals too.