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Whoever said Minecraft is for kids clearly haven’t played the game. The game is so vast and realistic that you’d need a thorough understanding and creativity to fully immerse yourself into it.  

One of the most important aspects of the game is crafting things using resources found in the game. One of the most important materials in Minecraft is the leather. If you’re new to Minecraft, you might want to read our guide for the best ways to get leather in Minecraft! 


What is Leather in Minecraft?  

Leather is an important item that you can’t craft using crafting table or a furnace. Rather, you need to find and gather this item within the game.  


You can find leather from cows. When you kill a cow, it drops two leathers. It then can be used to craft a Leather Cap, Leather Pants, Leather Boots and Leather Tunic. You can craft the full set for 24 pieces of leather.  


In addition, leather is an important ingredient in crafting books. These are then used for Books and Quills, Enchantment Books, Enchantment Table and Book Shelves.  


Best Ways to Find Leather in Minecraft 

Aside from simply killing cows, there are more ways you can get the much-coveted item in Minecraft. Here are the best ways.  



  • Using looting on a sword  If you didn’t know, using the looting enchantment on a sword will increase the drop rate of Leather from the Mobs by 1. Usually, the drop rate of a mob is 0-2 Leathers. But when you use a Looting 3 sword, it increases to 0-5.  
  • Automated “cow farm”  The best way to get a constant supply of leather, you’ll need to build a cow farm. But to truly take things up a notch, build an “Automated Cow Farm”. This epic contraption automatically kills 1 adult cow if the cows reach over 24 in numbers. The items that are created goes into the hopper and transfers into the chest ready for harvest. Take note that you’d still need to manually breed the cows, this isn’t fully automated.  
  • Basic small cow/Mooshroom Farm  You can always go the easy route and collect cows and bringing them into your fenced area for breeding. This is a sustainable approach to hoarding leather because you’re breeding cows. You’re not constantly going out of your way to find more cows. You can do the same with Mooshrooms which you can find in a Mooshroom Biome.  
  • Rabbit farm  In addition to your cow farms you can build a rabbit farm. It’s a nice alternative to gathering leather. By killing rabbits, you can get Rabbit Hide which you can use to craft Leather. 4 Rabbit Hides make 1 Leather. You can always create a rabbit farm to go along with your other cow farms to maximize your time and return of investment.  


Final Thoughts  

Those are the best ways to get leather in Minecraft. Remember that there’s no easy way to get a lot of them at once, you need to take the time to breed them.  


If you’re interested in leathers in Minecraft but you haven’t played it yet, download the game now!  


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