In Minecraft, you can indulge in a lot of activities. However, your success will depend on the worth of the tools you use. You can use a lot of tools including swords and pickaxes. The notable thing is such tools and weapons can be enchanted and then their capacity goes up significantly. This is applicable both for crafting items and damaging the enemies.

Listed below are some such useful tool enchantments for Minecraft:


This enchantment proves to be time-saving, as you will see. Some activities in this game can take up a lot of time usually but having this enchantment helps save time. It comes in handy for building a house and cutting off the forests.


This enchantment enhances the capacity to cause damage. You can enchant sword with power and start slaying enemies without hassles, for example. It comes in handy sometimes.


This enchantment enhances damage output towards the creepy undead enemies. With this in your possession, do not fear to fight the skeletons and zombies.

Luck of the Sea

It helps you obtain treasures in the sea. Once you have this enchantment, your fishing rod will fetch only useful stuff. If you like exploring the ocean biome, it is really handy.


It is another useful enchantment in Minecraft. You can use it on so many objects in the game. With this enchantment, you can dig and mine for long hours. Try it on the pickaxe and you will like the outcome.


Do you like collecting diamonds in this game?  The fortune enchantment makes it easy for you to obtain more diamonds. You may also collect more emerald using it. Then you can craft new weapons using precious stones.


With Lure enchantment, you will not need to wait long for fish while using the fishing rod.


Infinity is the ideal bow enchantment. You get unlimited arrows for free. You may even mix it with other bow enchantments. You will be able to fight the ender dragon and creepers better.


Sharpness is what you need to raise melee weapons damage output. A diamond sword having a sharpness enchantment is perfect to slay the enemies with ease. It can be handy when you combat bigger enemies.

Silk Touch

It is a nice and unique enchantment. It makes the ravaged block drop its base. When you want to set up a new structure, Silk Touch is useful.