Players of Valorant who have received access to Valorant closed beta know that there is a ranked Competitive mode and an unrated mode. From the beginning the ‘Unrated’ mode is available but for reaching the ‘Competitive’ mode many ‘Unrated’ modes have to be crossed and unlocked. With the unlocking of the Competitive mode, players aim for competitive ranks, which show their skill levels. Valorant’s rank system is a bit complex and things are not very clear from the beginning.

Numbers of games for getting ranked mode in Valorant

For unlocking ranked mode in Valorant, which is also known as the ‘Competitive’ mode, one has to complete 20 ‘Unrated’ matches. Winning or losing the matches is not important; one has to just complete the matches.

Numbers of Placement matches for getting ranked

In order to get the first rank, a total of five placement matches have to be completed in the ‘Competitive’ mode. The performance in the matches will decide the first Valorant rank.

Total Valorant ranks and tiers

There are 8 ranks in totality in Valorant. For each rank, there are three ranked tiers. For Valorant there are no tiers as this is the highest rank. There are 22 total ranked tiers and each of the tiers has its own skill badge.

For gaining ranks in the game, winning is very important. Personal performance is also important as it helps in ranking up quickly. Again poor performance can be detrimental for the competitive rank. Once Valorant competitive rank is achieved, your match will be with players within just two ranks close to you.